Humidity, Olympic Torches & Chickens....

No I'm not reporting from Beijing - WE HAVE CHICKENS!! Yes the little yellow tufts of feathers arrived late yesterday. We only started out with about 4, after I left work last night at 6pm, 3 more hatched and I had the wonderful pleasure of watching another one hatch right infront of me today between 4.30pm and 5pm! Yes it took a lot of hard work for that little chick, she'd tapped a perfect circle around the top of the egg, everytime she got a toe out her brother would roll her over! Then she would have to try again. Eventually though - bum first - she rolled out!! The older chickens reside in a perspex surrounded square "run", covered in wood shavings, a warm lamp hangs in the middle and there's water and food on tap. The other fresh chickens, and those still stuck in their shells are in a little clear incubator. Here are some pictures that I caught:

The little newborn chicken is in the top left photo - trying hard not to get run over by it's brother & sister who are still drying out. The little chicken in the bottom right is my favourite, I took her over to my room earlier today to show the kids - they were surprisingly gentle. I decided to name her "Brooke" get it? Brook brook! The girls at work said I'm clucky! She was so cute and even fell asleep on my bump while I was sitting with her - Raylene from Toddlers said "Brooke" probably thought I was a mother hen!

As for the Olympic Torch - here's what I helped my children make:
You need 1/2 a paper towel roll, masking tape, small plastic dessert cup, strips of celophane. All I did was fold the celophane in half and attach it inside the cup with tape. The cup is attached to the roll with vertical strips of tape, then tape is wound around the top of the cup and the paper towel roll for reinforcement. They held up really well while the children ran and walked with them for the "Opening Ceremony" of our Mini Olympics!

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