Trip to the city...

Today Amber and I went to the city to the Pregnancy, Baby and Children's Expo. Boy was it busy! I needed a pram just to push people out of the way (I lost count how many times I was backed into, walked over, or Amber nearly run over) Lots of things to see, do and try. I left there with heaps of bags full of samples, magazines & brochures - one thing I did buy though was this adorable little lamb:

He's so soft and cute. This little lamb has real sounds of calm streams, rain, the ocean and whale sounds at the touch of a button, it also has volume and sound length controls too! You can take this little lamb anywhere (cot, pram, car) There's a bigger version that actually has a mother's heartbeat sound.

You can find this little sheep and his friends at:

After walking around for a bit we toddled over the bridge to the Myer Centre for lunch. Amber and I found this awesome lolly store. It used to only have chocolate in it but now it's like a lolly shop from Willy Wonka! You'll never guess what I found (cue squeeling!)

Plane and Sparkles!!!!! Okay so no-one else gets the amazement of this find, but you can only get these in New Zealand - so I haven't had them in a LONG time. My mum bought back orange Sparkles from her last trip - but they weren't the same as raspberry! I am one happy camper right now!

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Helena said...

OOh nice sheep!!! Cool you found the sweets that you liked!