My study day...

Yay, my first proper Monday off started today! I now only work 4 days a week due to a lack of children in my room! So I've designated Monday as a personal study day, and appointment day for bub. So here's what I did:They are each about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and each have 5 pieces of fruit with velcro on them. It's a game that helps with cognitive delvelopment for any age group. There was also plenty of typing and thinking, but this was a fun activity. All in all today was very productive with my module basically finished. I also got my last assignment laminated so I can use it at work (might as well, I spent time and money on it!) and I finally got the courage to visit Babyco. I've been so worried that I'd jinx myself! I must have wandered around for at least 15 minutes looking at all the prams and accessories and then highchairs, car-seats, nursery furniture and then toys. Not once did anyone approach me - in fact 3 staff members attached themselves to one couple who said they were "just looking"! It was good to get an idea of the prices now compared to when I had Amber - most things have stayed the same and some prices are typical of a baby boutique. Will have to check out the other baby stores and see what they have now!


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