Busy today!

We started off going to some baby shops today - woohoo! A very special moment considering I've spent the best part of the past 2 1/2 years internally cursing these types of shops. Any way we got to have a play with some nice prams, looked over some car seats and then browsed the beds, change tables and a million other cute things that Amber found. Amber also informed the sales assistant that we are having a girl and there will be no discussion otherwise - she pretty much put the poor woman in her place when the lady asked what Amber would do with a brother. I can't believe the price difference from one bub shop to the next! We found a $200 difference in the car seats alone! Oh the fun of window shopping...
Any way I finally managed to finish my Easter album (yes I know - it's taken a while):

I love the colours of Easter - even if it isn't spring here in Australia. I added 10 small photos, journalling and some embellies. There are also some egg shaped windows in the pages that have acetate in them. In case you've forgotten this little album started out as a couple of brown paper bags that I painted, stitched together and then decorated! Now it can be Easter all year round! This is the cover:
Then I decided to do some baking - I've currently got my choc-chip-mud-cookies thawing, but I just had to bake some orange and poppyseed muffins!
Mmmmmm - there's nothing better than the smell of baking in your house. Oh and I spring cleaned yesterday too - took me all day, nearly broke my back (darn soft ligaments!), but my house now looks and smells a whole lot healthier! I had every window open to blow the cold and flu germs away! Am off to see if I can fit anything more into my day...


  1. Cupcakes look good and the mini album is great! I can only imagine the cost of baby items now-a-days. My last baby was 21 years ago but I recently had a grand-daughter but really haven't had a chance to shop for her except for a few things.

  2. The book looks amazing as do the cupcakes!


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