Sweet-Pea is in the house...

Photobucket Thank god! Amber swears it's because she wished on the evening star - I don't care I'm just glad she's home! Early Thursday morning, Amber had just ventured out to the lounge and heard a meow, she opened the door a crack to see Sweeps howling up at her. Then she ran squeeling down the hall "mummy I've got good news for you", I had already heard the meow too and nearly flattened Amber in the hallway as I was running out to the front door. My baby is home safe and purring louder than ever. I really wish she could tell me where she went - I'm going to GPS that cat! She went through 3 little containers of food and then slept for the day. When I came home at lunch she walked with me outside (she won't let Jas or I out of her sight), and she howled the whole time wanting me to come back inside. I took her outside this afternoon because she refuses to use her cat box (I wanted to keep her inside for a couple of days to keep an eye on her - and I'm petrified of loosing her again!) Sweeps walked the perimeter of the backyard, got swooped on my little finches and howled and checked to see where I was the whole time! Now she's hanging around waiting for bits of chicken before I cook dinner. It's soo good to fell her little furry warm body on the end of the bed or snuggled up next to me again!
Now I got tagged by Ria a few days ago:

~Start Copy ~
According to Free dictionary :* The Time Capsule is a container for preserving historical records to be discovered at some future time.* A Time Capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future.
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Okay so here goes:
I would put in this picture to remind me of my greatest achievement. It also reminds me that giving up is not an option and with hard work comes great things!

One of my favourite photos of Amber when she was 3 months old. She truly is my little angel on earth.

I'll have to think who to tag....


Me said...

LOL, happy she is home! Don't run over the kids. LOL! (hug)

Picturing of Life said...

OMG....she is SO cute, Sarah. how old she is now?? My son will be 22 months next month.

Btw, i added u to master list and thanks to play with me :D I have another tag, You and Your children tag. Feel free if you want join or not ^__^. Please check a look first.

Thanks again. And have a nice weekend.