I'm back...

Okay so here is the photo that I promised of our new slab:

Jason's done a bit more work since this photo was taken. The bits of wood that you can see at the edge of the ceiling (on the left, that the props are holding up) are now gone - thanks to the certifiers we have to do everything the hard way to put our new wall up. Will keep you posted. As for the ton of other projects on the go, here is Amber's rocket. We started with a roll of cardboard, then topped it with a cone. They were stuck together with masking tape and then we put two layers of newspaper on for durability. Now we are waiting for it to dry thoroughly before Amber can paint it. Amber has enjoyed learning how to make 3D shapes, and papier mache.

As you can see we have chosen white paint for the whole thing, then there will be black accents and a blue window (as per Amber's instructions) we also have to add some tiny shot cups for the boosters at the bottom of the rocket and have bought some red and orange felt for flames. All this is from Amber - her exact instructions were "it has to have flashing lights down the side and whooooossshhh flames out the bottom!" while using her arms wildly to explain. So while I do the craft side of things with Amber, Jas is learning the fine art of soldering - nope he's not marching around the house yelling out orders (that's my job!), he has this whole kit full of gizmos, pliers, screw drivers, LEDs and gosh knows what else to create "chasers" down the side of this rocket. It's become a whole family project! As if we weren't busy enough!

Bless him, Jas has finally gone and turned into my dad! After a few tweeks Jas got all but 2 lights to chase and flash - note the slightly uneven edge of the magnifying glass (at top), yeah plastic doesn't smell nice when it's burning!

I have officially lost my dining table to a minature version of Nasa and Dick Smith!

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