Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there.
I would like to especially thank my mum - for whom without her I would not be here. I remember all the things growing up like:
Not being allowed to play outside after dark,
Having to eat my vegetables,
Giving me a set bedtime,
Teaching me not to dress like a hobo,
Making me feed the dogs every night,
Giving me dishpan hands from doing the dishes,
Making me clean my room - even when I knew exactly where everything was,
Telling me I have to make my own lunch for school,
Thanks mum! Because even though I felt like I was the only kid in the world that had to follow rules and lived a boring, uneventful life (?!) - at least now I can be just as hard on my own kids! You never really understand all those things your mum makes you do - or doesn't let you do - until you have your own children. When Amber grows up I'll probably be the hardest parent and not let her go any where because "it's not her that I don't trust - it's everyone else!" Yes mum I remember that little saying well. Thanks for teaching me all that you have, thanks for having humour and advice when I've needed it. Thanks for being my mum. I truly appreciate everything you have done, are doing, and will do in the future. Without you I wouldn't be me. I love you with all my heart and if there wasn't 800km between us I would be giving you a big warm hug out on your patio - while telling Amber off for not wearing shoes outside and to put a jumper on because it's getting cold out!

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:o) Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my mommy's Mother's Day gift. :o)

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