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Today was open day at Amber's school - you get to wander through all the classrooms and see what all the kids have made. There is also an overly boring assembly which I thankfully came home for! Amber's school really annoys me around this time of year because they seem to think that everyone just knows what is going on, and no prior information is needed for the day! Even when we got the program today, I heard one of the head teachers say "please only take this with a grain of salt as all the times have changed and we have put different performances at different times of the day! Bah! How are we supposed to be organised! Amber had to be Hermione today and be in two places at once straight after the horrid assembly. First she had Speech & Drama and straight after that came Dancing. No one tells you where to meet, or what to wear. I had no idea if Amber was supposed to be in uniform or be organised and dressed in full makeup and costume ready for dancing. No teachers helped any parent and I was really annoyed to see the dance teacher helping all the older students with their makeup and not once acknowledge any of the younger children. Not all children have their parents at this open day - being on a Saturday brothers and sisters tend to have different sports events on as well. Amber had children missing from her Speech & Drama performance due to a football event - so the teacher had to say his lines!
Any-who. Amber made me very proud with her beautiful performance of a poem and then her outstanding dancing ability (which I've seen her practice many times - and today it paid off) All the children did extemely well considering that both S&D and Dancing teachers took last week off and didn't help the children practice before today! Here are a couple of photos. The video is unfortunately too large to put on here.

This is Amber just before going on stage.

Concentrating on when to say her line.

Amber enjoying a snowcone with her BFF and little sister - mmmmm

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Ahh! School events! Aren't they special! LOL (hug)