Catch Up...

I haven't been around for the past month - only 4 entries online for April - shocking! So here's the lowdown on what's been happening offline.

Amber had a VIP week at school. This is a week totally devoted to Amber, she gets to create a poster of her favourite photos and then talk about them. She get's to write a 2 minute speech and present it infront of her class and then take questions, and then Amber get's to choose 3 of her favourite things to take to school and show everyone too! Amber had a very fun week. Now Jas & I are in competition to make (I mean help with) Amber's school project of a space shuttle. Given that I'm already mad on astronomy and Jas has already been pacing the isles at Tricky Dicky's for flashing lights - I think it's going to look awesome!! I've also been very busy at work - I have one of those lists of things to do and it just keeps getting longer and longer. I also have to find time to study somewhere!?!?! ARRRR

Any who, I finally did some scrapping last night, had to let the stickles dry on it overnight before I could scan it. I created the "Beach" title from a left-over sticker sheet. When the letters have been used it makes a fantastic sticky template to paint over! I'm always trying to get the most out of my scrapping supplies! Photos are of Amber at the beach at Easter.

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