The bug caught me!...

PhotobucketWell I've been running as fast as I can but the dratted winter bug has caught me. I am drowning in gunk, have been swallowing razorblades and have a headache that comes and goes. Blek. The doctor thinks it's bad enough that he's given me tomorrow off work and is hoping that I don't need to go on antibiotics - I hope so too! Well I guess it's inevitable that I get some sort of cough or cold when I'm surrounded by sick little kiddies with taps for noses. Sweeps and I slept till lunch time (absolute bed hog she is!)

Oh and just a comment on how Amber looks like Mel - check this out!
Amber staring off into space on the left and on the right - Mel standing on stage at school doing the exact same thing! (I can hear Mel screaming from here!)

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