The end is nigh....

We are finally at the end of our mammoth drainage project!! Amber couldn't help but join in a couple of mornings ago when she spotted her dad laying turf. She was still dressed in her nightie, had her crocs on and then found some gloves! We finally have our backyard back - even the piles of dirt on the other side of the house are gone!! I can see the edge of the garden beds now! It took all day for Jas & Mick to move all the dirt, there was that much - and they used a Dingo! I'm so glad Jas didn't attempt to do it by shovel. Now for the new office!!!
As for anything creative - well I have nothing. Been a little busy with work. There is another public holiday/long weekend coming up though so I may get creative again then. I do have some photos to scrap...

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  1. totally something i would do...i would go grocery shoppin in my comfy pj's if the hubs would let me....but alas...he would kill

    cute pics and congrats on the project!!


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