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PhotobucketSo I was watching the TV last night, and there was a story about a possible levy on using plastic bags. Now I figured this would get up Jason's nose pretty quick, as he quite frequently "forgets" to get my green bags out of the car and then happily says "just use plastic, I'm not carrying around those stupid green things." Well I turned to Jas and said "ha, now you have to pay for your bags, what do ya think about that", smugly I didn't expect this: "Well then, I'll gladly pay for what damage my plastic bags make!" Ha! Unbelievable, what is soo wrong with using green bags? I use them for storing junk, carrying scrapbooks, carting toys, they are soo good for everything! I've used mine so much I now have to buy some more (they're a couple of years old). I also like the fact that I only have to carry 4 bags inside instead of 10! You see the girls at the checkout only pack about 4 things in the plastic bags (because honestly they arn't good for carrying anything heavier than a Marsbar!). So there you have it. How many other people are just going to "pay" for their damage - don't they realise that they "pay" for it in many other ways than just their wallet!

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Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to read you've been sick, I hope your feeling better soon. I had what seems to be similar to you last week and was told it would hang around for three weeks and they called it a "Viral Infection" well i'm over it all now after a few days! I so LOVE those Nappies that you've made, I'm wondering if you'd like to share your Template with me? I love to make something like this for my new DD's Christening Invites!
I'll be back for some more Inspiration again soon!
Take care,
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