My Ribbon Bag..

Okay so I've jumped on the bandwagon. I love the look of the ribbon bags that I've seen in the US, and so far haven't found anything like them in the shops here. So I went about keeping my eye out for one here - then yesterday my MIL gave Amber a bag full of sugars and coffee (we keep a stash in the cupboard because Jas & I don't drink it - but our visitors do). Any way I saw the bag and instantly knew this would be my new ribbon bag. To make it, I used my quick-unpick and removed a label from the top, then I used a ruler to evenly space my holes. Once this was complete on both sides of the bag I went outside (at about 8.30pm mind-you) and started to drill holes in my bag. Now drilling through plastic isn't the neatest way to do this - a crop-o-dile would be a better choice but I don't have one, so the drill had to do. At least I could drill through the two layers. Once complete I then used my exacto knife to neaten each hole. And voila - I have a bag full of holes - 108 holes to be exact! Then I just threaded all my ribbons through. I completely filled one side, and have started on the other. I didn't realise how many ribbons I had! At least now I can take my bag to workshops, as before I had to know what I wanted to use before I went. Here's a photo:

The bag itself is 23cm wide and 25.5cm high (not including the handle). I'm so happy with how it turned out. Will wait and see if it's a better system than before:

This started out as a towel rail from Howard's Storage World. It never got used so I hung it next to my desk (over my curtains) and threaded my ribbons through it. At least this way I can see how much ribbon I have, the length of each piece of ribbon and it was organised by colour. The ribbon never got creases in it either, and hanging tended to pull out any creases that they started with in their packaging. We'll see how the ribbon bag goes...


Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Hi Sarah,

WOW what a great idea this Ribbon bag is! I can see it being quite handy on Crop Days!

TFS, would you like to share this on my Forum? Or would it be ok to post your Blog link for my members to check it out?

Take Care,
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Linda said...

Oh I have seen those Ribbon Bags that you can purchase for about $40 and thought to myself...geez that looks so simple to make if I find the right bag. And you did, that looks great Sarah. Will definately have to try and find a clear bag now, thanks for the inspiration to create :)