The Leprechaun, The Raspberry Slushy & The Exploding Bird...

I have had a roaring sore throat for a couple of days now, honestly felt like I had swallowed a razor blade or two! Well mum got us all Frozen Raspberry Fanta's yesterday and I swear it fixed it right up! It's not as sweet as the original version, but it's cold and soft and soothes an aching throat! I actually came home from work on Wednesday because I was dizzy and felt awful - that actually helped a lot because I was then able to be home for mum's arrival and go and pick Amber up from school early. We then headed out to the airport to see Mel & Andrew arrive. They didn't stand a chance coming out of customs - as soon as I saw Andrew I was off down the path to hug them. Poor Mel (who really doesn't like PDA's), just wanted to pull off the path with all their luggage - I just wanted to hug them! It was so good to see our little travellers back with stories to share and all in one piece.
Now about the exploding bird - remember that scene from Shrek (The First), where Princess Fiona is singing (ala Disney Princess style), and the bird sings along and explodes?

Well I have an exploded bird on my front verandah! Okay so Sweet-Pea was Princess Fiona and I don't know how she caught it with a bell around her neck but there it was - this little drum-stick sticking out of Sweep's mouth, another on the ground, a head, a tail and some other bits and Sweeps going "Meeeoooooowwww" as if singing! Priceless

Now for the Leprechaun - I met him at the Dr's today. He's not my normal doctor, I just had to see someone as I am home from work yet again. I am so tired, my ribs and back ache and last night I think I coughed up part of my lung - blek! So off I go, a Dr comes out, sort of short with a little white hat on and announces my name, I say hi - no response, I then walk behind him as he walks to his office. He stands at the door and says (in a thick Irish accent) "In" and points, when I'm "in", he says "sit - there" and points to the chair. By now I am wondering if all the Dr's at this medical centre have signed the "must be rude and uninviting to obviously stressed and harrassed patients in care" box. (The first Dr. I had to visit here was given my symptoms when I found out I was pregnant and told me to go home and wait for a miscarrage - yes, he had ticked that box alright!!!!) any way, I sat in the Leprechaun's office and told him how I was feeling as he smashed away with one finger on his keyboard - when I told him I coughed up blood, he barked at me to "stand" "breathe in" "breathe out", then went on to smashing on the keyboard again. Then he threw a script at me and told me "you need antibiotics and a cough bottle - go to shop and get some". Ooookkkaaaayyyy. So this little Leprechaun has lost his pot 'o' gold and now he's a little CRANKY!
Did I happen to mention that at no time did The Leprechaun actually tell me what was wrong with me!
So I've got my antibiotics, some vicks and another Frozen Raspberry Fanta and am now resting till Amber comes home.

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