Kermit is in the building....

So Jas comes into the house and says "guess what I've found", well I immediately think (because he is busy cementing and getting boxing ready for it) that he's found something else buried underground. I walk past the cement mixer and follow him to the edge of the road. He says "no it's back there", blast that boy!! He had pulled off the little hood on the cement mixer and who should be sitting there looking a little dry and bewildered but KERMIT!!! Yep the neighbours now knew about our star's arrival. For those that don't know I'm Ranidaphobic - I have a phobia of frogs. Even I know they can't hurt me, and I even asked Jas to take him out of the sun and put him in a shady spot under the tree, but as soon as I saw that little critter hop up Jason's arm and bungy off his shirt - it was all over. Screaming, chills and a spot of running. Rediculous I know - but I can't help it. Because I rarely see them, I often wonder if I have grown out of my phobia - but then I do see one and am reminded that not even 10 strong men could stop me from running from those slimy, unpredictable little amphibians. I have even done a layout for my BOM about them! (Listed under "some creativity" in August 2007) And don't worry, there will be no photos of Kermit, cause I can't even bring myself to do that!

I have scrapped some photos this weekend:

This layout is a scraplift of a layout by missSweden at - it's part of an April Challenge. I took this photo the same day as the bubble photos, but I added a soft-focus layer in PSP before having the photo printed at Kodak.

And our Easter photos - Amber had to do the egg hunt in our front yard because the backyard looks like a war-zone! Afterwards Amber hid the eggs for me to find - only, she put one on the mailbox, one in a tree and then tipped the rest in the garden. One landed in an asparagus fern - which has thorns. Suffice to say after one really sore finger spike, the ants can have a Happy Easter! Don't you just love Amber's little white bunny tail!?
Big Picture 1}
Big Picture 2}

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Greta said...

i am totally loving both your layouts!! all those eggs on the easter on is awesome!!!

thanks for playing along with us...