I've been painting!...

Okay so I'm pretty confidant that Kylie won't see this before tomorrow - it's a present I made for her as a congratulations for little Bethany:
Thanks to a little help from Carolyn at Scrapping Servant - this wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I can't wait to make another one! Inside I've put a little outfit (jacket and pants), a bib and shoulder throw, two singlets and two head bands. They fit perfectly inside, and when Kylie gets to use them she can use the can as a sort of time capsule to store some of Bethany's things that can't be scrapped - like arm band, belly-button peg, first shoes etc. Gosh I hope she likes it!

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Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Woohoo this looks Awesome, i'm sure the gift will be greatly appreciated too.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Amber too. I love her Scooter pics.

Great pic of "Lizzie" too.

Take Care,
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