It's like putting on better glasses!...

I was playing around with the settings in PSP - as you do - and came across one called "backlighting". There are so many cool functions in my new program that really fix up your photos magically. Well this backlighting function has bought my layouts to life! The way the scanner scans them makes them look a little dull and I constantly have to explain in my blurb about my layouts that "they look better IRL (in real life), and that the scanner gets the colours wrong. Well here's an example of my latest layout before and after:The "before" layout looks positively dull compared to the second. I just have to do a little more tweaking to ensure that Amber's skin doesn't look too yellow though. But these are the real colours of the pp and flowers! They really are that pretty! I've saved my new setting now and can apply it to all my newly scanned layouts in the future! What an awesome program PSP is!

Now I was tagged a few days ago by Jen from my group. I have to list 7 random facts about myself. I normally have to tag a few others afterward, but this tag has been going around for a while and everyone has probably done it already. So here goes:
1. I'm deathly afraid of deep water - I can swim perfectly, but it's the unknown of what's in the water that keeps me out - I especially hate dark water that I can't see into - Arrk!
2. Oh gosh this is hard - I did 14 of these back in December and now I'm stumped... Um I didn't learn to drive until I was 25 - I just never wanted to drive
3. The only snow I've ever played in is mushy snow in a carpark on the side of a mountain. And I come from New Zealand!
4. I've always wanted a pet bunny - it's illegal to keep bunnies in Queensland because they are considered rodents and they are everywhere in the bush
5. Okay now we're getting somewhere - I love giving presents (and making them), I just love seeing people's expressions when they open their gift!
6. My favourite colour has always been blue, but lately it has shifted to pink
7. I am not a morning person. It doesn't matter how early I go to bed, I just can't get out in the morning! I think it secretly drives Jason mad! Phew, made it...

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LuvJones said...

I enjoyed your random facts!
I think I may need a scanner or something! I need to get better at taking pics and uploading them! Somehow I always get a darn flash!
By the way...the layout is really cute and I can totally see the differnce!