I was going to go to work on Friday!...

Can you believe that! I knew it was Good Friday, but for some reason I thought we were only off work on Monday!!! I even programmed activites for Friday!!! It's so nice to know that it's a short week this week!

Okay onto other exciting stuff. I have been busting to try a paper bag album. I found some neat little paper bags while on my Scrapbook Shop Tour with my SIL, and I have been racking my brain for a good excuse to make a book - suddenly I thought of Easter - what better reason to use pastels and paint?!?! So here's a sneek peak. Obviously I don't have any photos in it yet, and it's not finished. I still have to add tags in the secret pockets and there are also little egg cut-outs in the pages with acetate in them so you can see through one page to the next (because I love acrylic albums too!). So here it is - possitively the cutest thing I've made so far (next to the nappies):

Hard to believe this little book started off as a brown paper bag! There are 3 little bags folded in half. I stitched them together on my sewing maching and painted it all with white acrylic paint and added pastel patterned paper inside and out. I then added tabs, ribbons and flowers. I got the idea for the bunny from a Doodle Bug Easter Advertisement (love their stuff!). When I fill it with photos I take some more pictures. Oh I love Easter!!

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