Check out my new friend....

I would like to introduce my newest friend. She can get a little spiky, is in dire need of a good manicure, and can be a little shy when there is a lot of screaming children around. Also doesn't mind a bit of rock climbing (eg. climbing walls and jumping onto airconditioners!) and loves to eat bananas:
It's Lizzy!!! She loves to wander out of the bush in the morning to great the kiddies as they arrive for the day, and doesn't mind wandering around the sandpit and around the windows as we play indoors. She's a bit nosey! I decided to make my kids a book about looking for her (a great distraction for the littlies when they are upset).

Unfortunately we are getting a 6ft colourbond fence around our perimeter soon, which means Lizzy may not visit anymore. Such a shame as it's a great way for the kids to learn about wildlife!

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