As if spiders weren't enough....

Jas took Amber out to our local driving range today for a short game of mini-golf. As we were leaving I saw something blowing across the ground in the wind. On closer inspection I found a giant fully intact snake skin! This snake is longer than me when I hold it up! Here is Amber trying to freak Gramma out!

And here's a closeup:

The middle part of the skin is about 4-5 cm wide! I really don't want to meet it's owner any time soon. But rest assured we did not find this at home - we found it a couple of suberbs away!

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Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Ewwww that's one horrible looking Snake Skin. Amber you are so BRAVE! We've had a few snakes around here lately but thankfully none that round!

I'm sure if Amber was to take it to School her class members would love to see it!

Take Care,
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