Toilet Papering The Front Yard & The Moat...

Yes we've moved on from picturesque canal living into a full blown moat. No less that 1/2 an hour after posting earlier, and the really heavy rain started coming down. Back into the rain I went to try and divert more water - then I came across this:


The sewer has officially overflowed! Arrrrrgggggg. After a frantic call to mum "Who do I ring!!!", and finally ringing the council "press 1 if you like waiting, press 2 if you are bored", I pressed 1 - only to get hold music and then get hung up on. This happened 3 times before I decided to ring "The answers you seek!" 1234. Finally a human. She thankfully put me through to someone who understood the problem of having sewer water cascading through my backyard. They didn't take long (about the time it takes to get your child to the shops for a toilet stop) and the guy that came to see my backyard water feature was quite impressed with my efforts on the moat. He ended up giving me a huge container of industrial strength discenfectant, plus some manly sized pink gloves and told me to throw it over everthing the water touched. He said I was very lucky the water didn't get in the house or else he would have had to call out the CSI cleanup team (or someone like that) due to contamination. What was most embarrassing was the ring of toilet paper around another pipe outlet in the front yard. While he was standing there raking it up, he politely told me that it was our personel sewer pipe outlet - Eeeeewwwwwww, that was OUR toilet paper he was raking!!!!! Oh the shame!!! What an eventful weekend this has been...


Above: Lake Sparrow

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