The renovating begins...

You're not really renovating until you are knee deep in clay/mud and you are finding things only an archeologist would find interesting. Yep we've started on our drainage outside. Firstly we wanted to dig up the old pipe and see just where it ran, and if it ran true to the plans we had been given. We found out a few things.

1. The pipe runs downhill at first and then uphill to the road

2. Apparently 30 years ago when our house was built there was no such thing as glueing pipe joins, you simply wrapped a scrap piece of pipe around the join and then threw on some cement for good measure (then quickly backfilled the hole and hoped no-one would ever find out)

3. If you don't have enough soil, throw in some glass bottles too.

4. Turns out there are at least 3 smashed parts of the one pipe and one squashed bit - said pipe is completely useless and couldn't hold spit!
Hmmmmm I wonder how many of our other pipes are sitting underground hiding as many secrets!?

This is what's in our front yard:

Jason, ever the safety conscious man, has created a fence to stop people from falling in the trench. (It's about 60cm deep)

I have also finished my valentines present for Jas - a mini acrylic book about all the loves in our lives (Jesse, Sweeps, our first holiday, getting engaged, getting married and having Amber)

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