It's a happy, happy un-birthday to me!!

Yes, that's right - an UN-birthday. I am at the moment between ages - no longer Twenty-Nine, but not ready to be old.... So I'm Twenty-Ten - for now. Have a look at my flowers though! (yes I still accepted my presents...)
The top roses are from Jas, and the bottom flower explosion is from Mum, Dad & Nick - it's huge! The photo doesn't really show it though. The lillies opened today, and have thankfully been sitting in air-conditioning all day - yes summer has finally unloaded her baggage and is here to stay for a while - tomorrow is supposed to be 39 degrees or something just as horrid! Jas also bought me some scrapping supplies and a really nice pair of scissors (nope he didn't see my tripod hint - but mum did! So mum & dad are organising that, *thankyou!*) About the scissors - everyone keeps stealing mine, and I usually find them in the kitchen or yard being used for gosh knows what! My new scissors are Fiskers and are really sharp and precise - I can't imagine Jas popping into a scrapbook store full of women and asking for help! That's almost as funny as watching him squirm in Tiffany's (yes the security guarded jewelly store) looking for me and a friend! Probably the only time he'll ever go to Tiffany's! Jas is taking me out for dinner tomorrow night, I'm hoping I might be able to get a photo of us..... (don't hold your breath)....

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LuvJones said...

I like your way of thinking! LOL! Cute...I think I will follow your footsetps and celbrate my 20-10 as well this year! LOL!
Happy Belated Sweets!