I Won Second Prize!!!!...

PhotobucketCan you belive it - I played this really cool game of Scrapping Bingo over at Purple Scraps and I came second! Basically you start with a big list of scrapping items, you pick 10 and create a layout with all of them in it. I have waited with baited breathe over the past 2 weeks for my words to be called - I was one off winning, and then a second place was called - Out popped my word and BINGO!!! What a great way to end the week! I even get a prize! The layout that I used was "Garden Fairy", the purple layout with Amber and her wings. I'm pretty chuffed with my effort! I just love these challenges, the girls that imagine them are are brilliant! Can't wait for the next one now.
PhotobucketOn a rather (insert naughty word) note - Creative Memories is cancelling out their 12x12 album and page sizes and making them "true" 12x12. What this means is, the album pages that we have now began back in the 80's as true 12x12, then they reinforced the edges so that you could add page protectors. Well that meant that you had to cut about 1cm off the edge of your page if you bought your paper from your LSS. Now they've decided that they are making bigger albums in the true size and can you believe that it's all going to start happening in March! That soon! So before long the page sizes that we have are going to be as rare as hen's teeth and we won't be able to complete our albums!!! I've only just started this year's album and my Renovation Album is on-going! ARRRRRR

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