A girl with very little cents...

Today didn't start well. I forgot to set my alarm. I had to be over at Kylie's, to go to a scrapping workshop BY 9am. I was just waking with a terrible fright at 7.54am! The workshop is on the other side of Brisbane and requires a good 45-50min drive. I didn't have time for breakfast, and thankfully Amber had had something to munch. We flew around getting ready and managed to be out of the house at 8.15am. I had to get some money from the ATM at the local shopping centre (another 5 mins) and finally we were on the motorway heading off to North Side. Well I had managed to keep my brain functioning on no breakfast up until the tolls. I did remember to have my change ready and waiting as I pulled in to the toll plaza and up to a waiting toll collector. Almost as if in slow-mo, I lifted my hand with change and promptly smashed it on the divider between the windscreen and the door! A couple of expleatives ensued as I dug in my purse for $5 that I knew was there. Safely on my way again I hoped that would be the last of my no-brainers. Scrapping went great. By this stage I was happily munching my way through a bag of Starburst Jelly Babies - mmmm sugar. I got 2 single layouts complete and started on a two-pager about our flooded river. The rest of the day went smoothly until it was time to travel home. Now I was getting a little woozy from lack of lunch, headed off in the car and arrived back at the toll booths for round 2. No sooner had I said the words "now it better not happen again" and 20 cents flew out of my hand onto the floor of the car. This time I was approaching the unmanned toll booth. Hmmmm. Grabbed the coin back, held onto it with a vice grip and put it as far into the collection tray as I could. Thankgod I was free to go. I've decided that I don't like Toll Plaza's, it's probably how they make real money - all the dropped coins probably roll into a big coin drain, and secretly most of us are paying $5-$6 every time we cross the bridge - and now they are building a new one! Any way enough of my cursed coins. Here are my layouts:


  1. oh i love it!! thanks for playing along!! love how everything flows even with all the stickers...great job sarah!!

    can't wait to see what you do on the next one...no worries it rolls out next sunday or monday...

  2. Love this LO, don't forget to join us this week!
    Awesome sticker usage.


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