There's still a chance I'll need an Ark...

PhotobucketOk so everyone has flood-brain! Yep and I know it's not just me. We just went for a drive to another suburb to check out their river - and they won, you should see the cars that are pulling up to look at the water! It looked like a good old fashion drive-in movie!! Just goes to show what too much sun and not enough rain will do to a person. I took some more photos of our river thismorning. Here they are from when I first started watching it:
This was taken at 9.30 yesterday (3.1.08), it had already come up a metre or more.

This second picture was taken at around 6.30 lastnight (3.1.08), then thismorning Amber and I went down for another look, as the river was suppossed to peak at around 8am, and we saw this:

This is 3 photos in one so you can see all the water - it has really risen, and the current was really strong! After I had taken my photos Amber and I headed back up to the car when we saw a lady walking towards us. She had a massive camera bag and a camera in her hand - I just thought she was really serious about river photos but it turned out she worked for the local newspaper. She asked Amber and I if we could stand on a platform (the very one that I promised mum and Jason I wouldn't go near for fear of it collapsing!) so she could photograph us looking at the river! Ha, us in the newspaper! We only stood just inside the platform and I had to hold Amber as she stood on a railing and we pointed and talked. Sadly the fun ended abruptly when we walked back to the lady to give her our details - Amber stood right on top of a green ant nest and got eaten alive! You should have heard her, sounded like a shark attack! She ended up with 5 bites to her foot, then when we got home and stripped her off we found another 5 ants crawling in the layers of her dress and Amber had become covered in hives - I guess she's allergic. After panadol, ice and lots of reassurance that there were no more ants in the house, she calmed down. We ended up going to see the Chipmunk movie - which was fantastic!

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