PSP, Pen Tablet, New Computer - Oh My!...

PhotobucketWell I've lost my scrapping table, but atop it is a wonderful new computer - that now works (Jas had a problem with the RAM at the start), I also now have the brand new Paint Shop Pro Photo X2!! Oh my gosh that is a wonderful change from PSP 7! It has a blemish remover, a thinifyer and a ton more tubes to play with!!! Oh the fun I'm going to have! Oh I nearly forgot, PSP came with a free Pen Tablet! The pen is wireless too - I haven't used a pen tablet since we had the old HP (read: Dung Beetle - I hated that useless computer!). I am very inpressed with this new system though as I have finally got a computer that can handle multi-tasking, photos, graphics, videos, and my beloved Sims2 game. YAY!!! So I'm not too sad that I lost my table for now, I can always take over another for the time being!

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