PhotobucketI can't believe that Heath Ledger has died!! What the gosh happened! I fell in love with him in 10 things I hate about you - and the crush hasn't gotten any smaller! It's such a shame. I only just read that he split with his Fiance Michelle Williams and he was out partying and now this! I only found out about 11am, as Amber and I have been trying out the new Bee Movie Playstation game. So we missed all the headlines.

PhotobucketOnto a brighter note - the Bee Movie game is heaps of fun! After you get used to the controls and don't feel dizzy anymore, it's lots of fun. There are tons of activities to do, flying around hives, flowers and roads, learning to stear through rain, hide under umbrellas and shoot annoying dragonflies - oh and don't forget collecting pollen and making sick flowers better! The graphics are as good as the movie and you get reminders along the way on all the controls. Amber just loves Barry (she calls him Berry) and loves to chose his outfits and car (yes he drives a bunch of cars around the hive). So that's what we've been up to. Tomorrow I'll upload some pics of Amber's latest creations. Only 6 more days till school holidays are over - YAY!! Oh I said that a little too loudly didn't I? (wink)

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