Off to the city...

PhotobucketAmber and I put on our walking shoes and went to the city today - I wanted to show her where I worked as she couldn't imagine how I worked in the city! We had lunch, looked through shops, scoured book stores and tried to find the bestest and coolest pencil case for school - we didn't. It's amazing being in the city and seeing the diverse range of people around you. I saw one gentleman who pretty much carried or wore everything he owned - but still managed to find a spot for his BBQ sauce bottle, newspaper and re-usable foam McDonalds coffee cup - which he happily took to the counter for a cheap refill. There were buskers, a circus guy begging for attention as he rolled around the pavement, jumped in the air and asked us all to clap and woop so that everyone else in the mall would think he was popular! There were the extremely well dressed, the ugg boot wearers and the gentleman who thought it was okay to walk around half naked - in the middle of the road - and then (surprise, surprise) the 4 police officers who stood in a huddle talking about nothing in particular, but deffinately not really doing their jobs, and whom we found in the exact same spot about 4 hours later - only another officer had joined them. Now I know why you have to be so fit to join the police force - it's so you can do all that standing!! God forbid they do arm excercises lifting their donut to their mouth! Once out of the mall Amber and I made our way to my favourite shop - Dymocks - 3 floors of books! Found some good bargains and then headed home. Thankfully we got the express to the city and home again which saved some time. The express to the city was wonderful, the train was brand new - still had it's new smell, and was a very smooth and quiet ride (apart from Amber's chattering). Now we are home and pouring over our recent buying efforts and resting our feet!

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