The new toy...

PhotobucketYes Christmas has been and gone, and apparently Santa forgot a present. Don't worry Jas found it at the local computer place! He's trying to put it together now. We are getting a new computer, or should I say - IT'S HERE! And I just overheard it has Vista on in. So I'll be writing from my new digs tomorrow!!! (That's if I can peel Jas off it!) OMG and we even have a new monitor!!! I'm not sure why, cause apart from the constant blink this one has, it's fine! The box says 19", and I have no idea if it's actually going to fit in the desktop space we have!, and these a new keyboard and speakers - well Jas sure knows how to shop! I'm going now to open some boxes! Toodles!

It's a tiny photo, but we are there! Here is what was in the paper (streets, suburb omitted)

And here is a clearer picture

I'll try to get a photo after the water goes down, to show you how much this little ledge actually sits in the air!

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Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Hi Sarah.

Enjoy your new Computer, it sounds awesome. I can see how much the river is flooded I know that ledge is usually quite high. Congrats on making the Newspaper too.

I love your Gorgeous creations.

Take Care,