Never rains - it pours, part 2

PhotobucketOkay, so obviously something else came up - yep the flood waters. Please note the blog post time!!! So I'm sitting doing some needlework, listening to the rain pouring hard for at least an hour or more, and then there's this weird "blub, blub, blub, blub" coming from somewhere around the laundry. I didn't find anything when I got there, but turned the light on outside to find this:

Oh my god I'm going to need an ark. The water was lapping the back door! (Still doesn't explain the strange noise), so I grab my trusty torch and venture outdoors (not something I ever do, due to the increasing amount of hopping amphibians that arrive with the rain). Low and behold I find poor Sweeps outside up to her knees in water (that's up to your ankle if you're a bi-ped), she's howling at the top of her lungs and not a happy kitty! So I rescue her from behind the BBQ and go and grab Jas out of bed (he's due up in 4hrs for work, poor thing!). Basically we had to get to work and clear the flood before it came inside. Sadly the previous owners either held their plumbers manuel upside down or it was in Chinese, because they really stuffed up. I had to rip up pavers, pull out aggi-pipe, did holes in the lawn to free said aggi-pipe of debris (they had put it underground, lining the edge of the cement and then let the grass and mud grow over the top %^&$%#!!! Honestly how did they think it was going to work!!!Here is where it "was" buried, and I ripped it out and discovered a nice piece of PVC that runs under the path that leads to the clothesline. Suddenly the water was moving! Unfortunately due to the amount of water and poor building, the inspection port for the indoor plumbing was completely covered in water and our toilet ceased to flush - and created the "strange noise". Jas said there was an air pocket or something - lets just say it sounded like out house was vomiting everytime he used a plunger on that inspection port - and this was all taking place at midnight!! So amidst our new water feature off the edge of the patio which was a beautiful waterfall, the birdbath overflowing, and pebbles scattered all over the place to create a sizable channel for the water - the water started to receed! We managed to avert major flooding in the house and I have a huge job of putting all the pavers back tomorrow - and the toilet still isn't flushing properly. Oh and see that crack in the cement in the photo above? Well that my friends leads to a little drain in the middle of the laundry!! Yep it was buried under mud and water too - don't know how it was supposed to work if the laundry flooded!

So much for sitting quietly and doing some sewing - I am soo wired! Goodnight...

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