The last melon...

I finished all my Christmas layouts today - it's rained for days, so it was a good chance to catch up. You can see it on the left. I actually have 3 more pages to post, but it's getting late so I'll do it tomorrow. Would you believe I did these photos in the kitchen on a sheet! I'm pretty happy with them. I also touched the background up a little with PSP so you can't see the folds and such. Very easy to create a home studio!

I was at gym around 3 this afternoon, and playing around with the new Nautilus treadmill - the one with two different treddles to walk on (my favourite!), anyway, they have their own screen (woohoo!), well Alex Lloyd was singing some song and the video clip had all these people kissing - boys & girls, girls & girls, 1 boy & 2 girls, you get the idea!!!. I swear I felt like I had been caught watching P**n! I nearly fell off the treadmill imagining what people must think walking past. I quickly changed it to the extremely clean sport of cricket - which I never thought I would deliberatly watch while trying to lose my bum! Suffice to say gym was much more sedate after that - thank god! Toodles

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