It's snowing!!!

Today Amber and I got creative and made our own snow globes!
First we had to buy some glycerine, as this is supposed to help with the glitter - personally though, I could have done without the expense. Amber chose Belle & Snow White, and her favourite coloured glitter. We picked the jars up at Dollars & Cents for $1 each! You then stick the dolls to the lid with your hot glue gun, and let cool.
Then you glue around the bottom of the dolls and stick some pearl beads down. Making sure that the pearls are not going to be in the way of the jar when you try to screw the lid on.
Take the jars over to the sink and pour in a small amount of glycerine - this is supposed to help the glitter to float gently to the bottom, but plain water seems to work fine. I also glued around the top of the bottle before screwing the lid on. Now tip your jar over and shake vigorously to disperse the glitter - in time it will all start to sink to the bottom, but some may still float up the top. And the finished product. I glued around the lid again, to ensure there were no leaks, then applied some ribbon to cover the glue. Amber then added on some foam flowers.

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