In the kitchen...

More rain today, so we did some cooking! We have been wanting to try out these Green's Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches for a while! Because it's a cake mix, Amber was able to get in and help with pretty much everything. I think her favourite was the electric mixer!We were actually mixing up the icing here - you only need a wooden spoon for the biscuit mix. Amber enjoyed getting her hands all mucky making little biscuit balls too. Here is a finished biscuit. (You actually get 100's & 1000's in the box, but we made up our own mix with dollar 5's)The other parts of our day were filled with a trip to the post office, a bit of playstation (Flushed Away game), some reading, a tantrum or two and then wandering around the shops looking for more craft ideas - I think there was some begging for a new toy in there aswell.

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Gratcia Siahaya said...

Aww.....Hi Amber :) She's so beautiful, and she can cook too, hahahaaa.....O gosh, she's way better than me, I can cook, fried rice and fried egg, that's it...*L* I just saw her blog, she is also a talented artist... O wow! you're so lucky to have such a talented one ;)