Cricket, cricket and more cricket...

That's all that's on TV at the moment! Of course that means Jason is happy, but it is driving me up the wall! There is nothing on. I suppose that means that I can get my quilt finished a little quicker. I'm on to the writing now - which is quite arduous, then I can sew the whole thing together. Oh and my sewing machine is working now - due to an earlier post - where I tried sewing on self-adheasive felt, the sewing machine threw a tantrum and refused to work. I couldn't get the thread through the needle and the several other functions ceased to work - but thanks to a kind comment in my gallery - it's fixed. I just bought some new needles and voila - perfectomundo!
Here's a new layout that I did as a challenge at Purple Scraps. I had to use a template as a guide - which I've never tried. It really helps speed up the creating process.
Just some fun pics of Amber playing with her santa hat and me trying to get a good photo!

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