Santa's Been!

Christmas has been and now I eagerly await New Year - time to shed this years awfully heavy baggage and move on to a productive and positive new year!
Amber was of course up at around 6 on Christmas morning, Dad whipped out his video camera and recorded a rather flusterd and dishevelled me walking down the hall into the lounge that looked like it had been done-over by theaves! Amber was up to her armpits in wrapping paper and loving every minute. I had actually gotten woken by a little kid outside our house yelling to his obviously-still-sleeping family that SANTA HAS BEEN! I actually thought he had got himself locked out of the house the way he was carrying on! Amber was also extremely excited to find that Santa had left a rather big mess on the back lawn and patio floor with his "magic oats" for the reindeer and some left over carrots. Here is a few piccys:
Santa left a present for Piglet this year - two gorgeous little Christmas outfits - Amber prefers the green one, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to photograph him in his red dress and hat! As you can see in the second photo, Piglet too a ride on Amber's new bike on Christmas morning - it's quite big, so we've left the training wheels on for now. The bottom photos are of the oats and carrots and our lovely goodies!
Wishing all our family a wonderful Christmas and a Blissful New Year - sorry I didn't get your cards sent out - they were all written, but I just didn't have the heart to send them after all the stress of the past two weeks. I will be posting them soon though as they have photos in them.

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