Renovating again

I couldn't wait to wake up this morning because I knew we were going to Ikea to purchase our new cupboards for the laundry! Jason usually makes them from scratch but when you compare the prices of the ones at Ikea to all the parts to buy from Mitre 10, well you get the idea. I fell in love with a bench top I saw when mum & dad came down - it was actually in a kitchen, but I have now put it in the laundry - the surprising thing was that it has a white side and a green side, so I could play with the two to see which one suited the room. The green one has a lovely pattern called mistletoe.
(The picture shows two benchtops, but when you turn the green over the white is underneith)

Any way - our humble little laundry started off very drab (matched the rest of the house), as it was painted an awful dull brown, with all the windows and doorways edged in DARK brown! URG. So we have painted the walls, and now we are installing the new cupboards. I will then be having shelving above the cupboards, housing baskets for all the odds and edds I've accumulated. I can't wait for it to be finished. Here's some photos:
The photo on the left is the "before" pic. Then the top right is of the new benches - completely assembled by me. I still have to put the doors on, so there will be more pics to come. The bottom right photo is of Amber with our Rocky Road, made at Christmas! It looks like a giant cookie because I had to set it in a cake tin! (Note to self: buy slice tin). It's very child friendly with no nuts and lots of tiny marshmellows and chopped up starburst snakes! Toodloo!

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