I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Scrappynicole & Raindrop Lila. So I have to find 14 random facts about myself. Okay here goes nothing:

1. I love stationary - I can't wait for Amber to start school again, just so I can buy pencils and cover her books!
2. I would love to do a road trip around America
3. I used to be a trampolinist
4. I suffer from migraines which include - blindness, numbing down my entire left side, speaking in opposites, violent headache on one side of my head and nausia
5. I have been in a high school musical
6. I love the rain but can't go outside after it stops for fear of frogs
7. My favourite Christmas song is "Oh Christmas Tree"
8. I love lights - in the big city, on the christmas tree, twinkling on the ceiling of my patio, around my garden....
9. I share my birthday with: Jennifer Love Hewett, Kelsey Grammer, Alan Rickman (Prof. Snape!) just to name a few
10. I have my own laptop
11. I can't stand my feet - at all, don't look at them or talk about them...blek!
12. My favourite singer at the moment is Michael Buble - omg can he sing!
13. I love fireworks! I miss Guy Fawkes Day, but thankfully New Year isn't far away!
14. My cabbage patch is 22 years old!

So there you have it - completely random facts about me. Now I'm off to tag someone else!

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