Rainy Days

It's been really rainy here the past couple of days - I had to take Amber swimming with her class yesterday - while it was pouring! Boy wasn't that fun teaching my group to swim, tying to stop them from turning to icicles and then getting them back up to the classroom, wrapped in towels, trying not to drop socks and shoes and hoping they don't die of hypothermia! Some of the girls had blue lips! Poor little things. Funny though, when we did get to the classroom all the girls were worried about were the boys seeing them getting dressed and trying to put their hair up! Six year olds are so funny. I finally got home near lunch time and warmed myself up - and did a layout for my BOM - I love quilting. I did it as part of a challenge on my other SB site. I had to use buttons creatively - so I did some embroidery. I have embroidered for years! I've started a quilt but so far haven't worked on it since I ironed on all the applique! Here's the layout:

Under the big photo is a flap with more photos and journalling:

Oh I can't wait to pull out my Christmas Tree Skirt! (For under the christmas tree - I actually had a person ask me how it fits on a person!)

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