Productive weekend

Well I've been busy scrapping this weekend - I managed to do 3 layouts, here are two:

This one is digital - I had tons of fun adding all the different elements. Amber's photos were taken one day in our makeshift studio (sheet hung over the bench in the kitchen and Amber sitting on it on the floor!) it worked quite well! These photos were then manipulated in Kodak Easyshare with a cartoon setting. Amber is such a character!

These photos were taken this morning out in the backyard. Amber saw a layout while I was looking through the gallery and she liked how the little girl had wings on her back (she wasn't wearing them, they were added to the layout). Anyway Amber asked me if she could do the same - heck I wasn't going to say no to a photo shoot oportunity - so here are her photos. Thankfully it was quite overcast, but Amber still found it a little bright. Amber also isn't really sleeping in the bottom photo - she's just hamming it up. The light outside gave her skin a beautiful tone and the colours of her outfit and the grass were just beautiful. The little wings look a lot more delicate in real life and the bling crown, wand and flourish sparkle more. I found the poem on the internet and thought it was just perfect!
Oh and before I forget - I was a featured artist for my layout of Amber's questions and answers on my other scrap site!!! I was so excited - I was featured for having an inspiring layout!
Only 2 more weeks left of grade 1 for Amber - and only a few more after that and it's Christmas!!! Amber has even put a Christmas CD in the car so every time we go places we get to sing Christmas songs! Bring on Christmas!!


LuvJones said...

Veru cute layouts Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I love the Christmas layout. We had our family photos done profesionally and they didn't come out that great. I like your idea of doing it at home, you get more poses for less.