Wet and Wild!

Jason had his work Christmas Party at Wet & Wild today! The water was freezing to start with, and the sun was barely shining, but we still had fun. We rode the tubes, jumped through waves in the wave pool, ran around Buckineer Bay and got dowsed with water, slid down slides, ate chicken, buns and salad for lunch, washed it down with soft drink and then got a present from Santa!! What a busy day! Amber was so excited - she got a doll from Santa called Bloom, from the Winx movies. When you use makeup on her she automatically shuts her eyes and puckers her lips! There is also hair accessories and jewellery! I'm off to put after sun lotion on - I always remember to sunscreen the rest of the family but forget about my self. I have Dr Zoidberg colour skin - woop woop woop woop woop!!! (Dr Zoidberg is below - from Futurama for those who don't know.....)

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