Our Adventures

On Sunday Amber, Amy, Aaleyah and I went to Currumbin for the day! We had heaps of fun - us ladies got to sit in the shade and watch the kids run around till they were too tired to run anymore! Here are some photos of our day out:

The weather was just perfect for our day out, and there wasn't that many people around either. I think it may have had something to do with it being Indy weekend. We were a little worried we would hit traffic from everyone leaving Indy, but we have a perfect drive home. Amber was very proud of herself on this trip, she found enough courage to feed a Joey! We had to be on the look out for pesky Emus that would skeak up behind you to take your roo food, but all in all it was really realaxing watching the kangaroos sleep and laze around. We also saw heaps of lizards out running around the bush in the sun, and the girls spotted a huge crocodile! It was massive. Amy and I really had to watch it for a bit to work out if it was real or not. Tomorrow I'll have photos of our next adventure - to the Inala Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Museum. Should be fun.

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