Hi Everybody!

Sounds like that dr off the simpsons - Dr Nick!

It's nothing spectacular but, I've just created my first digital scrapbook page. No worries, I'm not suddenly changing to digital - Nooooo, I love my scissors and papers too much! But since I love PSP too, thought I would give it a whirl and see how the others live! Here it is:

This was a completely free kit that I picked up at Two Peas in a Bucket. I can't remember where I got the journalling box that looks like a stamp, and the ribbon is from a christmas kit at the above website. I'll be back soon with more stuff - just have to run some DVD's back to Blockbuster!

Okay so we're back, just in time for Simpsons! Below are some photos of what we bought while we were out today! First is this gorgeous little My Little Pony sweet basket for Halloween! It was half price and I couldn't resist:

Amber has called the Pony "Sparkles" or something because it has fireworks on it's butt. At the moment Piglet is residing in the couldrin. Then we did some Scrapbook shopping - read "therapy", this is what we picked up:
The Mermaid rub-ons, cinderella paper and heart bazzill paper are for Amber - she says she wants to try Rub-ons because they have a paddle pop stick and she just liked the heart bazzill! I think Santa will be bringing someone a scrapbook album for Christmas!

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