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Whoh - I've been missing for a while. Life has got a little busy away from the computer. So what have I been up to? I'll start with my obsession to rip out the hibiscus bushes at the front of our house. Why? Because I want to that's why. Because we have done painting inside, gardening out the back, installed tons of things and done nothing out the front - and frankly I'm sick of the house still looking like someones elses from the front. So I went off to get quotes and tried hopelessly to get this project off the ground, but alas I had to wait for Jason. He had his wonderful ideas of how it should look and me well I just wanted it done, and cheeply. In the end Jason won and thankgoodness - because he did a fantastic job! Yep paying a little bit more and spending a whole day on a project does give you good results! Here is our photos - before and after:
Yep, a lot cleaner, neater and more modern. The Hibiscus had an awful bug in it that cause the leaves to curl and deform and then fall off - it looked really ugly and had no flowers. I came to an agreement with the plant that I wouldn't rip it entirely from the ground - because that would be one HUGE job, but instead will monitor it for the return of said ugly bugs and keep the plant in a neater shape and size.

So with that out of the road I then got to look forward to holding a Creative Memories workshop for me and some friends. I baked some muffins, the girls all played in and around the house and us ladies cropped and chatted our way through two hours, pretty paper and tools! CM have deffinately bought themselves up in their products - no more bland colours and angular photos and mats! I made a page with Amber and her cousin playing and gave it to my SIL. I hope she liked it.

After the workshop I felt motivated enough to scrap Amber's camp photos - feeling creative I whipped out my scissors and created a flying fox, hidden pocket for tiny photos of the Scavenger hunt and two full pages of photos. Here's the end result:
Of course to see a closer version you should be able to just click on the image above and it'll open in a new window, or alternatively pop over to my other webspace and see it there. I have also created a page about Amber's trip to the park, the photos have been digitally altered to include leaves, fireworks and grass - see if you can see them:
This is a scraplift of a layout I saw in the October Creating Keepsakes on page 44.

On Tuesday I got a present in the mail! I ordered Becky Higgins - Best of Sketches book a couple of weeks ago and it's arrived!!! I have and love all of her books, they are great inspiration for when you have scrappers block. All of her sketches are now in one book - with all new ideas and layouts, plus theres are few more new ones that have never been seen before.

Okay now the big project of the moment, and what's keeping me awake at night with ideas running around my head like lost sheep - my circle journal. I am in the Blinging Babes Support Group through my other scrapping site, and basically we chat online, exchange advice and leave love in each others galleries. Well some of us are now participating in a circle journal. For the Smuggles out there - this is a book that is circulated among a group of friends (I do one, and they each do one that gets posted from one person to the next), each person adds a page or two on the original CJ owners theme. I've decided my theme is Friends & Flowers - as in "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you"! So here's a sneak peak at my book. It's exactly 6x6 and these are actually just chipboard pages that are supposed to be added to a small binder - but I decided that the binder would just make the book really heavy and expensive for posting - so I just added rings and ribbons and voila! one ready to go book. The pages come completely naked and you add your papers, embellies, journalling etc. Here's your peek:

I could go and buy the little album to pop these pages in when the books complete, but I think it looks okay for now. Inside you put your instructions on how you want your book decorated and what you want and don't want inside. You also have to have a sign in page. I had this all decided before I even found the book - it's a mini passport! I've created pages on the computer that look exactly like a passport, complete with a spot to put the persons photo, information and then a stamp! I'm going looking for postage stamps tomorrow with flowers on them and then I'll stamp and date it before I post it! I'm so excited! I believe we are beginning to post at the end of the month - I can't wait! I'll post piccys of the passport when I've completed my bit - so you get an idea what I'm on about!

Okay I'll leave it here now - will promise to keep more up to date, so the posts won't be so long! Toodles!

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Violet said...

Wow..I love all of the scrapbooking you do, so pretty. Wish I could do it...I tried once and failed miserably, so haven't tried again. lol