The Slide!

Okay - I've been playing in PSP 9 and this is what I was doing:

Thankfully Amber really likes this slide, and I was able to take about 30+ photos. I saw the photo idea on the Creating Keepsakes website and wanted to try it myself. They used some sort of time-lapse function on their camera - but I couldn't find such a thing on mine. So I just sat in one spot and clicked away. This is one major reason I absolutely love digitals. I don't have to care how many pictures I take and I don't have to get them all developed! The font on the slide is Becky Higgins own handwriting and I downloaded it from her blog. All up the photo took about an hour, lots of cropping and pasting but I think it was well worth it! After all the slides Amber and I ventured on around the park and tried out all the exercise equipment and some swings. We also saw that the signets we had spotted a couple of months back have now grown!
The last picture was Amber doing her own pose - she was also telling me off for taking pictures by the time we left the park. Yep my girl is sick of the paparazzi!

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