I have sad news - Jesse is lost. I found out at around 7.30pm on Saturday night from Jas when he got home from work - she had been missing a week. I have no idea why she left or which direction she went in but she is still not home. It's bad enough that she lives so far away, but now I don't know where she is and don't know how to explain it to Amber. Jesse is about 9 or 10 years old, so she's no spring chicken, and the last time she ran away - she was running from fireworks - she ran so far that it wore her out for a few days. Thankfully that time someone saw her - but this time I think her luck has run out.

Update: 5.50pm - Yay Jesse is home!!! It turns out she may have followed Jason's mum & dad into town (only Jess would know!) and she made it all the way into Calliope! While there she was adopted by another family and bizarrly enough they named her Jesse, bathed her and took her in as one of their own. I wonder if they ever thought it weird that she instantly came to her new name - guess she just looks like a Jesse. I am just so thankful that she's home now. Calliope is a really small town so when my mum or dad-inlaw asked at the pound if they had seen Jess they knew straight away where she was - she was even sporting a new winter tartan coat that my mum-inlaw had bought, so the pound people knew it was Jess. Jess is one very lucky dog - you would think that old age would slow her down, but no - like Sweet-Pea she is still feisty!

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