Interesting day

Okay so I didn't really do much, I organised all my study stuff to start my Diploma again - this time externally. So I needed some copies of my certificates and such and went to the library to do this - then I had to get them JP signed. Well the JP was away so I had to go to the Registration Office. Now I can't say I've ever been in this part of the court house and I don't want to go again. I was in a small room, with shall we say "troubled" people. They're the people that have just come from court over various misdemenours and are awaiting their papers. So I just sat and minded my own business, tried not to take notice of the putrid smell and lack of air conditioning in the room, and willed the woman behind the counter to hurry up - she was in no mood for hysterics and quite loudly announced this to a scruffy man who was getting a little uppity and then calmly went on to tell him if he stuffs up again he's going away..... Well honestly I felt completely overdressed for this little group of people and clearly my slang wasn't nearly good enough when I kindly asked a woman waiting if there was a line? Honest question - until she slurred "yeeeaah deeerry you cccan wwait unnder the keeeuuuw heeeer sign". Fair enough - as soon as there was a teller free I practically ran and begged to see the JP. While I waited I got to read the various signs obviously needed from time to time - my favourite "Raising your voice and foul language will not be tolerated". Happens that often they need a sign! I finally got my papers signed and got out of there quick smart before I got the song and dance version of that sign from the fellow next to me. I'm finding a new JP.

Any who - Amber had a wonderful day at school - she was waiting for me when I went to pick her up in all her finery - red hair, purple shell bra and green tail - yep and no jumper. Hopefully she grows out of flashing her skin and wearing her bra in public in the next couple of years.....

She did get her bookclub though:

The little pony writing set is adorable so family members look out cause Amber has been writing up a storm and I'm going to need a bag for all the letters she's writing! Amber actually read the entire Dora book on the way home - she's getting really good at her reading and writing. Well have a good weekend!

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