Finally Friday

Well the rain has been lovely - I think it's actually been raining in the dams - we've had at least 25-30 mm over the past 3 days.

We had a bit of a drama here on Wednesday night. Jas and Amber were reading a bedtime story when it seems Amber tried to turn off the lamp on the bedside table and accidentally touched the hot light bulb instead. This is what her finder looks like:

Owweeee! The poor little thing didn't know what happened! She ended up with a cold, wet washer wrapped around her finger all night - even while she slept and wouldn't let us go near it! The day after though - it has become a novelty and she doesn't even want a bandaid on it anymore to protect it. The blister has started to go down and it's not hurting her - so alls well again!

Here is a photo of Amber going to school today:

It's book week at school and today all the kids get to dress up as their favourite character - obviously Amber was going as a princess - and obviously it had to be Ariel! No pirates, fair maidens, or Little Miss Muffets here! Apparently she's going to wear this all day - we'll see! One of the conditions of wearing a costume was that you had to have your shoulders covered and wear proper closed-in shoes - we chose a purple jumper to match the shell bra (a good excuse to get Amber to wear a jumper for the 2nd time this winter! - she just won't wear them!) and Amber chose some sparkly joggers and pink socks. Amber has also had flounder since she was a baby so he's a great addition to the costume.

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