The Book Bag

As promised I have got Amber's Book Bag Project home and here is what it looked like:
Isn't it soo cute! It's all Amber's work, as opposed to some of the other kids in her class who have scrapping mummys! All I did was help Amber to find the 3 toys to put in the bag, then I helped her to collect and buy the stickers on the bag and I printed off some stationary from (one of my favourite graphic artists), and Amber did the rest. We also made a matching envelope and the orange card you see on the table is a certificate for Amber's efforts! Basically the kids had to choose their favourite book, choose a bag that they could decorate in a theme that matched their book. Then they had to find 3 things that also matched the book and write a letter to the author and tell them why she liked the story. Next week we have camp at Amber's school and then it's school holidays. I'm also starting back at work on Monday's and Fridays so the start of the school holidays is going to be a busy one. Amber will be going to the PCYC for a couple of days - which she is really excited about - because they are holding a Sponge Bob Square Pants day and one of the activities is Bikini Bottom Sand Art! Should be interesting! Pop back for some fun photos!

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