Window Shopping

Well my day started out pretty slow, then Jas got called into work, and I didn't stop after that! I had to go to some shops for some movie tickets and of course stopped off at my local SBS, picked up a few supplies and then headed off, before I knew it I was starving and it was 1 o'clock! I walked around the shopping centre taking in all the sights, books, clothes, people etc - it's so nice to do that without two certain family members complaining they want one thing and another! So I did this for a while off in my own world, completely forgetting that I still had to get to gym before picking up Amber from school! Oh well, figured all the walking was good enough! I checked out all the stationery shops, Dusk, Borders, Boost and QBD - gotta love the smell of all those new books! I actually found an awesome book which is also backed with a blog - it's a book full of postcards people have sent to the writers with their deepest darkest secrets on them! Absolutely amazing - I'll post the blog here so you can pop in from time to time - it's amazing to read what people really think about their surrounds! Then I finished my trek around the shops and continued on. Of course I had to pop into Spotlight - they are closing down and relocating so they're having a sale - how could I resist. Apparently though most of the sale stuff is gone and everything else is in a huge mess - so I only collected some stickers and buttons. Onwards home and finally I stop for some lunch (had a gluten free muffin), yum and then started on my newest BOM layouts:

The first one - What will I become, simply lists all the things that I have done since I was 3, and the second - a layout about my time in the School Musical Bats - which was just awesome! Turns out DH was in the same musical, only backstage and I didn't even know it! I was a Junior Brat. Well it's 10.30 - time to say goodnight!

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